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Where to Learn German

The best ways to learn German include learning German online; by language exchange (where you converse with a native or other German speaker); attending German language classes; studying using German languages tapes or CDs, and studying using a DVD course on your computer.

Power Glide
Power-Glide offers accredited German language courses, created by Dr. Robert W. Blair, one of the world's leading linguists and teachers.

Deutsch Lernen
Free German lessons for beginners and advanced learners using numerous interactive German exercises, an introduction to new German orthography and 2 online German tests to improve and to evaluate your German proficiency.

Learn Plus
Learn German online at any time, from any location, and at your own pace with online tutors.

Online Language Lab with over 500 learning units and modules grouped according to subjects that are relevant to daily life, enabling targeted learning that responds to your immediate needs.

New York University
A comprehensive program, one of the longest running in USA.

Optimnem UK
Optimnem offers a 7-part course , using the "Fluid Thinking" skill, which involves the most primary and natural skills from sensitive observation and imagination, to pattern recognition and connection building. The website encourages the further understanding and practice of these skills within a friendly, accessible and informative educational format.

Travelling Words
Short, accelerated language courses in German. Download the first chapter of your crash course for free. Run the course on your computer, play it through your MP3-player or burn a CD.

Learn German in Heidelburg Germany
Intensive Language Training at the F+U Academy Heidelberg.

Modern and dynamic teaching method for learning French
It is the teaching method that shapes the learning process of the learners. Learn French in France at ESL and you will find the best ground to develop your skill in this language.


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